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Reduce OTA Dependency and Increase Hotel's Direct Sales

Date: October, 2020

Every hotelier is aware of the silent internal battle of Hotel’s Direct Sales V/s OTAs and their commissions.
OTAs are never the less an important medium to gain visibility and business for any hotel which independently seems tough for a hotel to do on its own but dependency on the OTAs looks positive only till an extend, being masters in intentional selling regardless the actual value and quality of the hotel’s brand name and resulting in creating a challenging environment for hoteliers and the digital landscape of the hotel. The Online Travel Agents and Travel Meta Search Engines are very much evolving and creating a challenge for hotels to magnet their deserving horizon of business. Let us help you get the maximum direct sales for the hotel and easeful non-commissionable web sales structure.

Your website, the most powerful weapon -
A well-optimised website that is absolutely instant in loading and highlights the USPs of the hotel in the most creative and appealing manner is the half battle won towards turning the queries into conversions for your hotel sales. Research says around 80% of customers convert through mobiles searches; henceforth make sure the website is absolutely mobile friendly. You would also love reading: An Engaging Hotel’s Website: Do’s & Don’ts

Rate Strategy -
An eye on the competitive rates of the hotels needs to be kept on constant basis. A consistency in the pricing structure needs to be maintained keeping a parity between the service offering, quality and value of the hotel. Keep a special focus on advance bookings or if possible also keep a genuine reward over it to ensure a growth on the business on books of your hotel/resort. Also make sure the website of your hotel offers the lowest rates to your guest, as it is one and the only major reason of customers redirecting to confirm the stay through an OTA. Let our reservations expert assist you with a deep plan for playing the rate game, connect on 9892767676

Search Engine Marketing (Paid and SEO)
Be available where the audience actually searches for you. Create a very strong Google Ad words campaign for your hotel using the best keywords you can predict with the help of deep analysis and forecast reports for the campaigns and on point ad copies that shows exactly the information your guest might be searching for. Also make a continues efforts on the on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimisation of the your hotel’s website Also Read: Top 5 Essential Marketing Mantras For Your Hotel

Collaborations & PR -
Let more and more influencers speak about the hotel, initiate collaborations that has the potential to influence the targeted audience to travel and visit your hotel. Approach platforms that has a massive reach over the regions and type of audience you require, engage your management heads in more interviews, sessions and participations and features in top end liasoning activities that puts a limelight on the professional standards of your hotel/resort’s brand value.

Why are you different from the crowd and competitors?
Right from your website to your hotel’s social media presence-cum- promotions and everywhere it is required, keep a standard approach of presenting the USPs of your hotel to the guest, promise to provide a different experience to the guest, focus on offers and rewards that can get a client to stop and book with you directly by not just providing a similar rate as displayed on OTAs but also on providing offers to add value and many other reward schemes or vouchers for future stays. Reducing the dependency on OTAs is not an overnight magic, it will surely take time to adapt to it. However slower but steadier the results will surely be seen, lay the foundation now with continuous efforts and track over the strategies and we are sure the results would start rounding off. For a better clarity and stretched plan, connect with us.

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