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5 ways to to make your boring corporate meet interactive & an exciting commemoration.

Date: 26 July, 2020

Once which used to be stiff, white-collared, corporate events are changing and have essentially diverse their thoughts from boring lectures to an exciting engraved memory. Conference helders have now raised the bars right from styling venues to attendee’s engagement. After all, such events are the only occasions where in the brand gets an uninterrupted interaction with their targeted market. So it’s important to make the best of it. Conferences that still rely on monotone lectures and contextual PPTs probably would have a windswept future. The modern era of content and demand now have changed the gear of meetings and conferences. In the end, it’s all about keeping the power of attendees on.

  • Be Diverse. Should you require a panel of speakers at your conference, ensure that you deliver diversity, consider speakers from all walks of life. This trend will help engage a wider audience and aid in the removal of bias.
  • Gone are the days of a stuffy ballroom, lined with endless rows of chairs and a small stage. Corporates are changing their style of interactiving.
  • Encourage conversation. Standing in front of delegates and reading content from slides is not just enough. Delegates want to interact and feel a part of the moment. Have a voting exercise, ask questions and listen to the delegate’s thoughts and opinions in real time.
  • Make sure your event is worth sharing. The use of social media platforms and hash tags has seen an increase in social sharing. Hashtags create a excitement that attendees would think of sharing. This creates a virality and helps to draw attendees to future events.
  • Embrace Inevitable Multitasking. Chances are your employees are already multitasking at the staff meeting, either by checking their phones or doodling, so why not leverage that? (“It’s proven that coloring during a meeting helps promote active listening and is more beneficial than multitasking on something like email,” says Plum Organics’ Innovation director Jen Brush.

Give us a chance to assist you with some complimentary ideas. In the end, it is all about interactivity.
When organising your next event, make sure you consider these trends to ensure you’re conference is hitting the mark and ensuring the longevity of your event.

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